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    18x18 Resin and Pigment on Wood Panel. The goal of my current work is to show movement and how things are in constant transformation, just as in nature itself. My intentions are set before each painting but there’s a point when the resin begins to cure and I must accept what the painting becomes. Just as in life itself, the result is rarely what I had envisioned or set out for it to be. That doesn’t mean it’s good or bad, just different than my expectation. Even the pieces I label as epic failures have certain components that I find interesting and beautiful. It requires closer inspection and a change of perspective but the beauty is there, often hidden in the details. I would describe my paintings as visual weavings of energy, color and light inspired by nature, music and poetry. My guiding principle has always been that nature is the best artist. Through visual metaphor many of life’s questions can be discovered, explored and sometimes answered. Ambiguity is also a feature of my recent work. The viewer’s imagination completes the creative process and I love hearing different interpretations of my work. I challenge myself to find the beauty in everything and believe we all should explore the things that slow us down enough to be touched by life directly. My goal is to continue exploring, creating and inspiring others.

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Christie Neale
    Country: United States
    Width (inches): 18
    Height (inches): 18
    Media: Mixed-Media


    Use of Color
    Use of Values

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