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    Into my Palette

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    Added 2017-04-30 10:44:30
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        Playing with bold color and line to bend the space between photorealism and complete abstraction interests me very much. Making the eye dance across the surface of the painting and then seemingly fall into the depths, making one want to explore further, I continuously strive to expand my abilities and use of multimedia to create the qualities that enroll the viewer of my art into joining in my inquiry.  When working in Bas Relief Woodcarving conjoined with painting, playing tricks with where the carving ends and the flat surface of the painting begins, making the viewer want to reach out and touch the painting to see whether it is flat or as three dimensional as it looks intrigues me. In my paintings, are those eyes actually following the viewer as they move across the room? Does the wall of perspective come toward or go away from the viewer? I love to play in the inquiry of these and other questions of bending the eye, from photorealism to surrealism to complete abstraction.

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: P. Mary Manrod
    Width (inches): 30
    Height (inches): 30
    Country: United States
    Media: Acrylic
    Painting Style: Nonrepresentational / Abstract


    Use of Color
    Use of Values

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    This painting is so fascinating and really does illustrate the concept of entropy from high energy to an final stage of existence. I think of elements like life forms and atomic particles spiraling into rest and final dissolution. But what mysterious force energized elements into life in the first place? I know the easy answer, but what about the difficult one?

    Interstellar DNA

    I love this painting because of the ideas it inspires. It is always mind blowing how the ultimate macrocosm embodies the microcosm, as well as the tiniest building blocks where laws of physics defy intuitive expectations. Things we think of as non living are shockingly intertwined with what we call living and the beginnings -- and ends -- of all elements in the universe are the same. There was a discovery reported on the other day about a very strong non-regular deep space burst. In the past these were resolved to be pulsars, quasars, etc, but this one is unknown. This painting makes me wonder about all these amazing things.


    This is so beautiful, everything about it is perfect. If a painting stays with me after I've viewed it is great in my view and this certainly does that, one of the best in July for sure.


    Love the composition and exaggerated color. Beautiful!


    You can definitely see the dappled sunlight effect on the rocks. The use of soft and hard edges and loose brushstrokes defines the objects and lets to viewer mentally fill in the detail.