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    Keeping Baby Dry

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    The dim light creeps through the misty rain of the forest canopy, the “people of the forest” (orangutans) emerge from their handmade leaf tents.  An orangutan mother cuddles her baby and has fashioned a rain bonnet out of large leaves to “keep baby dry” during the rain.   


    Orangutans have a prolonged childhood like humans.  For the first several years, youngsters remain within an arms distance of their mothers.  The great apes live in the trees of the tropical Asian rainforest.  These intelligent animals use simple tools like twigs to dig out honey in bee hives and termites in tree bark. 


    It is imperative that the rich lush emerald green rain forests are saved as it supports the amazing diversity of life.  Without action, as we look forward another century, we will be without majestic tigers, intelligent orangutans, many other primates and thousands of other plants and animals.  Within my artwork I hope to invite viewers to create their own special relationship with the endangered wildlife living in the rain forests.  In the world of wildlife art, nature and art have always been inseparable for me especially for wildlife subjects at the edge of extinction.


    Specific details

    Name of Artist ilene reed
    Width (inches): 36
    Height (inches): 36
    Country United States
    Media Oil
    Painting Genre: Representational: Landscape / Nature



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