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    Sacred Union

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    Added 2017-06-29 13:37:04
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    This painting was the result of a burst of inspiration that was so strong I had to leave work early and follow it.  So I did, and without any true idea of what was going to appear on the canvas, I surrendered to what was trying to speak through me.  Hours later, I ended up with this final image.  Calm blues and yellows blending and moving together that help transfigure the ethereal bond between the two lovers.  This piece is a reflection of that ideal, divine love that we are all capable, and ultimately strive to be.  

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Jessica DiMesio
    Width (inches): 10
    Height (inches): 40
    Country: United States
    Media: Oil
    Painting Style: Representational: Figurative / Other


    Use of Color
    Use of Values

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    Feels like I'm there

    Love the orange which brings the viewer through the scene from back to front and around again. Sharp edges give it a photographic quality while chunky strokes in the water soften the scene and make it more human. Love this painting.

    Depth Perfection

    Masterful use of color temperature to create sense of depth, distance, and the fullness of the sky. Hate to give 4 stars for originality; doesn't need to be original to be amazing but it is a landscape.

    Alberta in Fall

    Beautiful piece with great atmosphere!

    Young Thoughts