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    Quickening is comprised solely of Acrylic "Skins". Skins are created by pouring an acrylic medium into a mold - any plastic lid will do, then dripping liquid paint colors into it and swirling them around to create a design. The next step is to let the mold dry and set completely, after which you can peel the now-created "skin" out and cut it to whatever shape you wish. Simple water bottle caps were used to create the round circles in the piece! Over 50 molds were created to form this one painting.

    Each paint skin was painstakingly hand cut (some are quite thin and fragile) and each was then glued onto a painted wooden canvas using acrylic gel. This piece of artwork took over 6 months to create.

    The artwork is titled Quickening (which is described as the first moment when a pregnant woman feels life stirring within). The lower part of the painting represents movement and the idea of something building up, while the middle area contains an egg teetering on the brink of dropping and a mushroom-like shape representing fertility. This leads to the top of the piece where all is realized in a spectacular sunburst. No part of this artwork was deliberately formed - it simply came into being, much as life itself does.

    As an abstract artist, it is rare that I have an idea in mind of what I wish to create. I'm guided by my subconscious and am always surprised to see what has come forward in the finished work. A deep understanding of color, shape and composition are instrumental in the formation of each of my paintings.


    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Glenna Tissenbaum
    Width (inches): 18
    Height (inches): 18
    Media Acrylic
    Country Canada
    Painting Genre: Nonrepresentational / Abstract



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