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    The Gateway International Painting Competition - Annual Registration



    One Year Membership — a one-time registration fee of $25. Following registration, whenever you're logged in, you'll be able to see the "Add Painting" link in the top menu. Please note: Each painting entry becomes essentially a "full page ad" for your painting, and is separately promoted in social media and online search. In addition to your one-year membership registration fee, each painting entry is AN ADDITIONAL $10 (or less with purchase of a discount entry package). Twelve monthy finalists include one Best in Show winner of $1,000.00 cash and all monthly finalists win one free promoted painting entry. In August,144 paintings chosen from all months of the competition (12 from each month) will be eligible to win year-end Grand Prizes.


    • Registration is a $25 one-time annual fee. Once registered, you can log in any time to enter a painting.

    • Once registered, it's $10 for EACH INDIVIDUAL painting entry you submit. THIS IS IN ADDITION TO YOUR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION! Why the extra cost? Because each painting entered receives its own dedicated webpage with the following features: large display of your painting, website link (if you have a website), your personal contact form with any other contact details you choose, long description area, and place for a video (if available) to ensure the best possible promotion of your work.

    • PAINTING ENTERED MUST BE CREATED WITH PHYSICAL PAINTING MEDIA ONLY (NO PHOTOGRAPHY ART OR DIGITAL ART): Paintings must be created with real, traditional media such as oil, watercolor, pastel, pencil, or acrylic. Paintings may be "mixed media" as long as they use a combination of traditional painting/drawing media and are meant to be viewed from one direction as a 2-D (two dimensional) creation on flat painting surfaces which may include canvas, board, panel, paper, gypsum, copper/metal, wood, wall, etc. Copies of art or photos by someone else are not accepted; frames or the room/space behind your canvas should never be showing.

    • Each painting you upload is entered into the competition (unless you select "Exhibition Only" monthly category. This is for our member judges or members who are intentionally not entering the competition the month they judge and only want to display or sell their work.) Paintings stay online more than one year so they may continue to be viewed and potentially purchased by collectors.

    • Enter as many paintings as you like, and even enter the same painting again (a different judge may select it!) but each entry requires the separate entry fee due to the fact each entry is date stamped.

    • You may enter the same painting again in another month of the competition unless it is selected as a "Best in Show" or Finalist.

    • One Best In Show selected by different judge each month receives $1,000.00 cash.

    • In addition to Best in Show, 11 Finalists are selected by a different professional artist judge each month who critiques each painting.

    • One Artists Choice Award each month, selected by logged-in member artists receives $100.00 cash.

    • 144 Finalists from all 12 months compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize recognition with presentation of winning paintings in top magazine such as Art Collector.

    With Each Artwork Entered:

    • Your painting receives its own, stand-alone promotional page.

    • With each artwork posted, enter your own promotional details, ESPECIALLY IN THE DESCRIPTION. People are eager to know the inspiration behind your painting, the "how, where, and why" of its creation, the story you're trying to tell, or the vision you want to share. Or, just write something interesting about yourself... or add this to the info about your painting. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! The more you write, the more it shows you're serious about letting the world know about your work. THE MORE YOU CAN SAY, THE BETTER WE CAN PROMOTE YOU! We use Facebook promoted posts to reach a whole new audience for your painting — 100 times more effective when there's something interesting to say AND THAT'S WHERE YOUR DESCRIPTION IS CRITICAL.

    • Link to your website from each full page painting entry page.

    • Contact form on each artwork page enables inquiries from interested parties, such as private collectors and art galleries.

    • The opportunity to sell your work by posting the price, or by auction/buy now. We TAKE NO COMMISSION OR CUT OF YOUR SALES! YOUR SALES ARE YOUR OWN. You enter your own PayPal email in your artist profile so that any sale goes directly to you!
    Period: 1 year
    Price: $25.00